Acura spot

This was a pretty cool spot to design. The director (Noam Murro) liked the design of the conveyor belt so much, the car doesn’t even show up until the very end.

That makes me happy.

Interpol video

A weird video I worked on… I got a call for the ritual table design. The table was cut using a CNC or at least that’s what was intended… I also provided construction plans to do it by hand, which would have been quite challenging. Drawn and provided plans in one day 12 versions.

Poker Stars w. Boris Becker

This was a spot for the German market… Whatever happened to Steffi?

Shisheido Tsubaki spot

One of my Japanese jobs… lots of motion control rigs and a spinning room.

Production designer was Paul Martin and art director Nicholas Murphy.

Mr Rossi sucht das Glueck

I used to love this cartoon… trippy stuff!

White and Nerdy

All time classic!

Kenmore refrigerator spot

This job was shot all in camera, no 3D in post.

Johannes Spalt was the production designer, a client and friend of mine who throws great BBQ’s in his amazing backyard in Los Feliz!

Each colored piece of plexi is held in an xyz space which resolves into a continuous image from only one exact spot using one exact lens, the sweet spot.